My way home – Overview

Cycling back to Europe had been on the back of my mind since my journey to Taiwan in 2016 had failed to be continued in Ukraine. Luckily, back then I had decided to pack the bike in a big bag and carry it with me as my luggage on the various means of transport I took. This way, I could not only discover Taiwan by bike, but in 2019 also had the chance to plan parts of my return to Germany to be done by bike.


thumbnail for overview
Part I: Taiwan to Xi'an
this guy was walking around China
Part II: Gansu
thumbnail dog
Part III: Qinghai
Part IV: Xinjiang
IMG_20190613_084657_Bildgröße ändern
Part V: Kazakhstan
Ala-Kul Lake at 3560 m
Part VI: Kyrgyzstan & train ride home

blue = bicycle
yellow = boat
  pink = bus
  brown = train
green = car (police)
black = car (hitchhiking)    


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